Christmas Deluxe Show Bag


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Item Code: CHR/015

Price: AUD $9.95

Xmas design gift bag filled with:

  • 65gr Bag Natural Glucose Lollies
  • Wicked Fizz Bar
  • IceCream Chew Bar 
  • Large Xmas Candy Cane
  • Freddo Frog
  • Wizz Fizz Satchet
  • Individual wrapped lolly
  • Spinning Top
  • Xmas Tattoo
  • Checkers Travelling Game Set or Snakes & Ladders Travel Game
  • Smiley yo yoo
  • Xmas design pencil and novelty erasor topper 
  • 2 x Assorted Unisex Novelty items

 (Bag dimensions: 225mm h x 180mm w x 100mm d)